The mineract

The mineract stands for quality in products and services necessary for excellence in management of mining heritage of their customers in order to be a reference in the areas of identification of opportunities for development or acquisition of the mining business, Search Mineral Deposits, Mineral Economics, Mining, Mineral Processing and Environmental License.


Provide services and products that enable our clients to transform mineral resources into prosperity, responsibly, pioneering, technological and sustainable.


To be recognized for excellence in practice management Mining Heritage and related areas, with global operations.


Respect and Morality

We act with transparency, truth, respect for life and moral principles.

Excellence in Performance

Cultivate the atmosphere of commitment to high performance, ensuring competitive advantages in relation to quality and innovation.

Excellence in Results

We are committed to customer satisfaction, grow and develop this environment through practical knowledge and control results.

tel.: +55 71 9 8725-2427
matriz: Belo Horizonte/MG e Salvador/BA, Brasil