The mineract specializes in management of mining rights . We offer excellence in our services.

We ensure the optimal management of its mining rights, with excellence in identifying and meeting critical deadlines and procedural obligations.

Geology and Mineral Deposits Research

Prospecting and Mineral Exploration:
    • Technical Studies in GIS (Geographic Information System);
    • Identification of Target Areas for Prospecting Substance Mineral interest;
    • Study Areas Development and Acquisition;
    • Survey of Environmental Restrictions;
    • Geological Field Verification;
    • Geologic Mapping Detail and Semi - detail;
    • Determination of Research Methodologies;
    • Management and monitoring of exploration field;
    • Monitoring and Survey Description Testimonies;

Mineral Economics

Mineral Economic and Business Review::
    • Preparation of Teaser and Valuation of Reserves;
    • Studies Valuation of Mining Projects;
    • Conceptual studies for development projects;
    • Pre -feasibility study;
    • Feasibility Study;
    • Project Management Basic and Detailed Engineering;
    • Deployment Management , Inspection and start-up;
    • Projects Revaluation Reserves;
    • Studies Valuation of Reserves;
    • Valuation of Development Studies;
    • Consortium Investment Management;
    • Support Trading in Pools.

Mineral Process

Ore Treatment Plants::
    • Pre-Feasibility Studies;
    • Feasibility Studies;
    • Technology Project Studies;
    • Design of Equipment;
    • Sizing Crushing and Screening Systems;
    • Scale Wetland and Dry Plants;
    • Optimization of Process Routes.

Environmental Licensing and Environment

Meio Ambiente:
    • Analysis and selection of optimal area for deployment of facilities;
    • Preliminary Environmental Study;
    • Environmental Management.

Environmental Permitting:
    • Exemption from Licensing;
    • Environmental Impact Studies;
    • Environmental Impact Reports;
    • Reports Environmental Control;
    • Environmental Control Plans;
    • Reporting of Environmental Performance Evaluation;
    • Granting the Right to Use Water.

Mine Closure

:     • Planning closure activities;
    • Decommissioning Management;
    • Recovery of Degraded Areas.

Management of Mineral Rights

:     • Requirements Geologic Reconnaissance;
    • Authorization Requirements Research;
    • Requirements Mining prospectors;
    • Press Start Research;
    • Requirements for Registration License;
    • Requirements for Registration of extraction;
    • Partial Research Reports;
    • Final Research Reports;
    • Availability Requirements for Research;
    • Requirements for Availability Mining;
    • Availability Requirements for Mining prospectors;
    • Requirements Mining;
    • Requirements Assignment Total;
    • Requirements for Partial Assignment;
    • Requirements Mining Grouping;
    • Requirements Globbing Areas;
    • Requirements Total rent;
    • Requirements for Partial Lease;
    • Plans Economic Exploitation;
    • Requirements Reduction Areas;
    • Requirements Dismemberment;
    • Requirements for Regime Change Authorization research;
    • Requirements for Licensing Regime Change.

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